About me

Bonjour!  Zdravo!  Hola!  Hey there!Thanks for stopping by!  I’m Kirsten.

Parking lot yoga after the Fools 25K

I live east of Cleveland, Ohio, where we love our sports teams no matter what and hold forever grudges against those that do us wrong.

A glorious day in CLE sports

I am a teacher.  I’m blessed with a job that seems tailor made for me and am one of those “I love my job so much people” that you want to punch in the face at 7:05 on a Monday morning.  I teach high school French, so be prepared for some foreignness now and then.  I also know a lot of facts about random topics and will one day rock it out on Jeopardy.

First day of school 2011!

I thrive on a packed schedule, so I fill my time with running, boxing, softball, soccer, yoga, and hiking.  And running.

Mudding it up at the Salt Fork 10 Miler

10 mile PR!

With a former student/fighter at the CLE Golden Gloves

I ran my first (not last!) marathon in 2011 and have been kicking asphalt (and trail) ever since.

Akron (aka sub 2) Half

Small race + motivation = first place in my age group!

In my nonsweaty time, I volunteer with the Metroparks, read two books at a time, and scrapbook with my girly friends.  I’m a meat (and fish) free girl, and I am trying with all my might to be a locavore and help support family farms in the Cleveland area.

This cow is licking me. I forgive her, because she gives me yogurt.

Snuggling my sweetie-potato, Turkey(free) Day 2011

And I really do have a mind like a trap.

Fun with da fam, NYE 2011


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