RR: Perfect 10 Miler, 2012 Edition

Everyone keeps warning me that eventually I’ll hit a plateau and the PR train will derail miserably forever. But until that day comes I will party it up with invisible confetti every time I set a new personal record.

The Perfect 10-Miler (which I ran last year in 1:32) was my third ten mile race this year. After a 1:21:54 at the Spring Classic in April and a 1:20:50 on the Towpath in June, I was dead set on seeing a 1:1x:xx in bright red numbers on the clock. My plan was to keep my pace under eight minutes, aiming for 7:45 in the first couple miles to earn some minutes in the bank.

After nearly forgetting to huff my inhaler (you didn’t think my asthma just magically disappeared, did you?) and lamenting my pocket-free running shorts, I toed the line not far some fabulous sweaty friends…who all subsequently passed me within minutes. The course is bor-ing, dodging through neighborhoods with too many turns and a long steady climb in the middle.  Much to my surprise, around the first mile marker, the SAME GUY that followed me at FNL caught up with me, introduced himself, and said (with a big smile), “So what’s our plan today?” In true stalker/drafting form, he and his horse feet stayed literally two steps behind me until I grabbed some water around mile 7, then left me in his dust and snagged a 1:17:xx.  He found me at the finish, along with at least four other guys who said they followed my butt socks [and my “steady pace”] the entire race.  You are very welcome, but next time I’m gonna have to charge you.

After a tough-ish couple of last miles where my average pace started with an 8 (thank goodness I banked that time in the beginning!) and a final push to the finish, I snagged my sun-catcher medal (and my sub 1:20).  I love milling about after races, talking about goals and race calendars and PRs and XC season and BOSTON and cupcakes…okay, maybe I’m the only one that wants to talk about cupcakes…I caught up with some of my favorite running peeps – my crazy fast Normandy Invader Michelle, Pam the Outrun ultra badass, and my newest (and tallest) pink-shoed trail-running friend, Christen (who is blasting her first ultra in two weeks!).

I was also reeeeeally looking forward to the Perfect 10 race shirt and medal, since last year’s shirt actually made a few public appearances.  The medal did not disappoint (it’s a sun catcher!), but the shirt was a MEN’s Brooks tech tee, so even though I got a small it is absolutely unwearable.  Speedy Michelle complained too, so hopefully they’ll get it right next year.  You can check out the t-shirt, my P-10 medal in its new home on my wall, AND a pic of a women’s Brooks small tech tee compared with the men’s small I received at this race in the collage below.  #notbitteratall

Lately I feel like blog me is all about racing.  There is so much more going on – soccer, boxing, closing Beach Adventure Camp, a thwarted mono scare, starting school, and that little Wineglass marathon thing coming up in about a month that I’ve been freaking out about obsessing over just a tad.  My next post will NOT be a race recap.  #pinkyswear #dothework

STATS: 1:19:11.9, 9/68 in my age group

PROS: perfect weather, a ridiculous amount of friends on the out and back-ish course, travel mugs as AG prizes (drool), suncatcher medal

CONS: GIANT tech tee (a men’s small does not fit this girl…), mile 8 in general


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