RR: The Color Run!

The Color Run came to the CLE this month. This event may have been invented especially for me – running, ridiculous outfits, photo ops galore, and colored powder tossed in your face every kilometer. The only thing missing was a cupcake at the finish. Next year I’m bringing my own.

The Color Run series is notorious for selling out immediately, so I stalked the website until registration opened, refusing to miss out on the rainbow of fun and convincing/pleading others to rainbow up and register as well. I remember thinking it was a bit pricey, especially since it wasn’t even a timed event, but hey, you can’t put a price on color.

There is absolutely nothing running noteworthy to share, except for the fact that 95% of the people that participated in the CLE Color Run were not runners. The start went off in waves, with a new group toeing the line every five minutes, but there were still so many people on the course that those of us that really wanted to run had to hop onto tree lawns in order to dodge green-powdered grandmas in wheelchairs, walls of walkers, and tie-dyed dogs along the route. Instead of finding the run/walk/run/slam into people situation frustrating, I was excited that so many people had signed up for a running event – tricked by the lure of color!

Every kilometer there was a traffic jam as people tried to get as much color on them as possible. Volunteers lined the color zones, using empty ketchup-type bottles filled with colored powder (corn starch? from India?) to tag us as we went by (dressed in all white). It was chaos. Some people went through the color stations more than once, some rolled around in the powder on the ground, and a couple tried to avoid the color altogether (?). One man carried a canvas, creating a piece of Color Run art. So jealous. I myself frolicked through each color station. Photo evidence below. Why yes, I am wearing leggings from the little girl department of Target. Thanks for noticing!

We ran though yellow, green, blue, and purple color stations. The last color (at the finish) was supposed to be pink, and I was extremely disappointed to see orange instead. There was also a DJ booth set up at the finish line party blasting bubble gum tunes like “Call Me Maybe” and “She Don’t Know She’s Beautiful,” so we got our dance on amidst literal explosions of color. Each runner was given a bag of color to “set off” at the end, which turned into a color war of sorts, with everyone whipping pink, blue, green, teal, and the rest of the rainbow at complete strangers. I found a guy with a pink bag and asked for a dusting. He got me right in the face. And hair…which was pink for a week. I think I know why they took pink out of the color rotation. Green was also REALLY difficult to scrub off. My armpits were tinted for a couple of days. Pink hair and green armpits. Classy.

Even with the 85 degree temps, this event was one big party. There was nothing to win – no splits, Garmins, or strategies – and the sillier you dressed and acted, the better. The only thing about this event that even hinted at serious running were my yellow Adizero Bostons. Oh, and this picture…because apparently it’s now “my thing.”

STATS: ha!

PROS: ridiculously fun concept, photo ops galore, easy parking, giant masses of people, finish line dance party, close to home, tutus galore, pink hair and green armpits

CONS: a bit pricey, lame swag (ugly t-shirt and a sweat band?), rib cook-off afterwards (ew), no professional photography, pink hair and green armpits

Sorry this is so late! It’s extra ridiculous because it’s summer, and I’m supposed to have more free time now…shaaa. Please accept this last photo collage as a token of my apologies…


2 thoughts on “RR: The Color Run!

  1. That’s weird that it’s all powder. So I guess it sticks to you because you’re sweating? Looks like fun though! My friend is trying to get me to do a color run but I can’t bring myself to drive 2 hours for just a 5k.

  2. How hard was it to get the powder out of your hair? I have blonde hair like yourself, and am worried of it ruining my highlights..lol sorry, I can’t help but be a little vain..am running it this Saturday..

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