Even on my weakest days I get a little bit stronger

TITLE NOTE:  Leighton Meester’s “A Little Bit Stronger” is a remake of a Sara Evans song that I stumbled across while surfing playlists on i-Tunes.  Even though it’s about mending the heart, the line I used for today’s post really struck a chord with me.  I haven’t been feeling like my badass self lately; broken ribs, lungs, and other complications seem to knock me down every time I start to feel strong again.  To top it all off, last week at boxing we were doing a circuit workout, and there was one station I simply couldn’t do.  I was supposed to pick up a ground and pound pad and throw it over my shoulder.  Everyone else had no problem picking up the 50 pounds and slamming it backwards – even the other two girls did it with ease.  I felt girly and weak and frustrated, and even though everyone made excuses for me about the pad being too heavy – more than 1/3 of my weight – it still bothered me.  So when I heard the line “Even on my weakest days I get a little bit stronger,” it resonated deeply with me and aligned perfectly with my other mantras: “Days go by and I grow stronger” and “FEARLESS.”

Speaking of FEARLESS, look what I won from Hit the Road Jane and Endorphin Warrior!

Coolest piece of jewelry I've ever seen. And it's runnable!

Go get one – they have other mantras too, like BREATHE, UNBREAKABLE, RELENTLESS, BELIEVE, and FOCUS.  I have honestly worn this every single day since I got it in the mail.  It’s nice to have a constant reminder that you’re a badass, especially when you’re not feeling it.

Speaking of FOCUS (: GUESS WHAT???!!!???!!!

That’s right folks, twenty-five days!  Kelly and I of course waited too long to book the super close hotels, but – never fear – I found a great B&B just across the Kentucky line.  Now that that’s taken care of, I’m on to more important matters, like choosing my marathon outfit crushing the rest of my training.  Last week I was back running and boxing at 100%, and I even went to power yoga yesterday.  Take that, girly, broken ribs and weak, raspy lungs!

Highlights from my comeback week…

I checked out CLE's Golden Gloves to watch a former student fight - when did I become such a MMA/boxing groupie?

I ran the CVNP with 100 of the coolest peeps around at the Crooked River Trail Runners Easter Egg Run (Top left), where I won a free entry to a Dirty Series Race!

I tore up 10 sunny miles of pavement with my newest, coolest friend Erin...sans sleeves!

 Next up: the anniversary of my first 5K (Run for Your Life), Rock Hall Inductions (be jealous), my  last long run before the Pig (20 miles of pavements and friendly faces), and Andy Grammer in concert (yes, again).  Oh, and there’s that little issue of my marathon outfit…


2 thoughts on “Even on my weakest days I get a little bit stronger

  1. Busy busy! Are you on break right now? I love that bracelet, might have to check them out.
    I’m slowly (oh so slowly) incorporating intervals back into my wogs… And I actually don’t hate them.. Maybe this is how I will learn to like running.. 😉

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