Three Things Thursday: Search Terms Edition

First of all, my cough is back.  Yay.

Inspired by Paula at Eat:Watch:Run, here is my very first “Three Things Thursday” Search Terms Edition.  Although unfortunately I don’t have anything as fabulous as “unicorn poop cupcakes” (yet), here are the three weirdest ones of the week.

1.  Don’t step on me, snow

Totally unrelated, yet creepy/funny pic

2.  animal wearing salmon

And I get in trouble for putting my dog in a Snuggie!

3. hot girls wearing clothes into the pool

Also unrelated. But you gotta love France


Here are the runners-up: “petaluma band dick coudon,” “i too had a love story days pass by somehow,” and OF COURSE thirty-seven variations of “suck my dick, I’m a shark” (TOTALLY my own fault because of this post).

I love reading the search terms.  What’s your funniest one?

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