I wanna be badass

First of all, a quick shoutout to the dude that found my blog by searching “me and my sweaty helmet.”  And a special treat for all my helmet-loving readers out there…

Me and my SPARKLY helmet

I haven’t posted in awhile – desolée!  The last two weeks-ish of the school year were insane – finishing up exams, grades, and report card comments, moving classrooms (air conditioning!  yay!), first aid and CPR classes, end of the year and retirement parties, even a baby shower!   When you add in all my sweaty activities, I was one busy girl [which is exactly how I like it!].

I am now officially five days into Summer Vaca 2011.  For those of you that don’t know, I scored a super sweet summer gig with the Metroparks at Beach Adventure Camp.  I work M-F 7:30 (yes, am) until noon.  Here is a short list of the things I have been paid to do in the past four days…

    • paint rocks
    • play Capture the Flag
    • swim
    • build sandcastles
    • lose at checkers
    • dig huge holes in the sand
    • roll down the lighthouse hill
    • kayak
    • be the sunscreen Nazi
    • refuse to play dodgeball
    • invent “opposite hand dodgeball”
    • spend hours searching for sea glass

      The empty beach is a yogi's dream

As far as my sweaty activities go, I have a new one to announce: boxing!  I boxed a little tiny bit when I was teaching in Parma, and today was my intro class at GriffonRawl Academy.  I was a little nervous about going, because most of the boxing/MMA gyms I looked into seemed to be full of scary-looking rapist types without a girl in sight.  I was pleased to see two other girls in the boxing class at GriffonRawl, and I felt 100% comfortable there.  I liked the atmosphere of the gym – a little bad ass, very sweaty, and a f-load of swearing (if you don’t know me personally, the F-bomb is my favorite weekend/after school word).

The instructor teamed me up with a MMA fighter named Yvon (of course I took the opportunity to show off my mad Croatian language skills), and we went over the  basic stance, the six basic punches, parrying, blocking, all all that jazz.  It was about 621.5 degrees in there, so I was a sweaty fool when we were done, even without working too hard.  I will definitely be going back, and if I decide to stick with it, I will cancel my YMCA membership.  It seems like a big ol’ waste of money lately, since I don’t ever go.  Ev-er.  I’d rather spend money on something new that will hold my interest and help me get a little stronger.  And a lot more bad ass.  Ja sam jaka.

What are you doing to stay sweaty this summer?  I’m eyeballing the Akron half this fall!

8 thoughts on “I wanna be badass

  1. I love the helmet! That sounds like a great summer job! I made the mistake of putting for zero effort into finding one, therefore will not be working. Which I guess is OK, I had plans to be much more productive, but I suppose I’m only one week into it, and now recovering from surgery, so it’s excusable 😉

    I do *not* think I’ll be doing the akron relay this year. As much as I’d like to try, I know I can’t get the pace down that I need. If it were just a 5k it’d be different, but to have to get that pace so that the relay stays on track, just not my thing… maybe next year!

    Boxing is interesting, what got you interested?

    • I didn’t have a summer job last year, and I got pretty bored. I volunteer with the Metroparks already, so I didn’t have to try too hard to get the gig. Loving it!

      Have you picked another 5K? I know you were having some shin issues…maybe the time off will help! I read your post about the procedure, and I’m wishing you all the best.

      Why boxing? Because I’m an angry person? I dunno. It just sounds super fun!

  2. I have always been interested in boxing but love running too much and don’t have time for both. Love that there was a fellow croatian there! Ti si lud!

    • We were like five minutes in and I finally got up the courage to ask him if he was Croatian. He was like “What? How did you know?” I didn’t want to tell him I have a foreign radar, lol.

      I like to try new things all the time, but I have trouble getting everything in too. I’m a teacher, so I have just a little bit of extra time in the summer. (:

  3. To stay sweaty, I live in Florida. I don’t even need to do anything. It’s amazing! 🙂 Although, I would kill a small animal to get paid to kayak. I’ve only done it once but loooovvved it.

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