Feelin’ like a star…you can’t stop my shine.

First of all, hello to the person the found my blog through the search “lopsided abs.”  And to the TWO people that found me by searching “suck my dick i’m a shark.”  What’s even weirder is this…

I guess it was an internet sensation that I somehow missed out on.  So sad.

In other news, those of you that were too slow to register for the Warrior Dash will be happy to know they just announced a second Ohio date for this year – September 10.  I will be kicking ass and taking names (in costume) this June.  In the  meantime, check out Paula’s Warrior Dash Q and A and then GO REGISTER.  You get a t-shirt, a medal, AND a fuzzy warrior helmet.  With horns.  Totally worth $45.

In OTHER other news, I forgot to share pics of my marathon t-shirt!  You might remember me designing it last month


It’s nearly impossible to take a picture of metallic letters.  And yes, they forgot the POINT on the exclamation POINT.  Easily remedied with a little bling bling. 

I’m getting insanely excited for the CLE marathon.  My nerves are starting to settle down, and I had an easy [never thought I’d say that] 10 mile run Sunday with an amazing group of people.  This weekend calls for the CLE 10 Miler + 10 miles, then I start the downhill sprint to May 15.

What did you wear/are you  wearing for your big race?  Are you familiar with the Singing Shark?

6 thoughts on “Feelin’ like a star…you can’t stop my shine.

  1. I’m hoping to purchase a fabulous new running outfit at Old Navy this weekend!
    Singing Shark. Somehow I missed that one. I can’t imagine how since I’m always so current on internet trends. It must have been on the news, I never watch the news.

  2. I think Warrior Dash does that normally because once they sold out the first date here, they added another one too. Now next year, the race is $20 more and it’s more expensive on the Saturday date than the Sunday one. So, $45 is a great deal! And they usually have $5 off coupons online too.

  3. I love your shirt, that is super cute. I am doing the Warrior Dash in Michigan because the Logan one sold out and there was a lack of hotels nearby. Didn’t know they were planning on another Ohio one, oh well. I usually wear shorts and a wicking tank for my races, if it’s colder I wear capris.

  4. I also feel the need to tell you that this shark thing reminds me of Will Ferrell singing in Elf. “I’m singing!!!!! I’m in a store and I’M SIIIINGIIIING!!!!!”

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