More new gear!

As I get older (ahem, why yes I AM in my 20s), I’m beginning to admit that one of my requirements for a hobby is the opportunity to buy stuff.  I get new golf clothes with every par, spend twenty minutes picking out a blue soccer ball, and scour the internet for socks that match my safety-green softball jersey.  Having a dog allows me to buy pink snowflake hoodies, traveling – all about spending dollars, or euros, or florins – and even my job as a teacher lends itself well to shopping (I just added up my school-related receipts from 2010; trust me, you don’t want to know).

Running requires very little stuff.  Shoes, socks, clothes.  That’s really all that’s required.  Unless you like stuff.  Then you buy Nike+ or Garmin gadgets, a treadmill, water bottles, Gu, a clippable pink i-Pod nano, Sweaty Bands, Sport Beans, t-shirts with catchy phrases like “This is my race pace,” running-friendly headphones, pink running shorts, 13.1 jewelry, a fabulous yellow Osprey daypack, and…trail shoes!

We made the trip out this weekend to Vertical Runner, where I fell in love with a shoe named the “Mountain Masochist.”  Rock on.  Plus it’s purple – very masochistic, no?  I ran 4 miles on the ‘mill tonight, but Wednesday I’m heading out to Girdled Road Reservation for a couple hours of snowshoeing.  I hope the temps warm up…to at least 20!

Here are my new fab shoes.  Don’t they just scream “Mountain Masochist”?


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