RR: Dirty Love 10K

The Dirty Trail Series continued this weekend with the Dirty Love, a 10K trail race through my very own North Chagrin Reservation.  This was my first official race as a 31 year-old, but since the series doesn’t discriminate by age (my division is <40) it really didn’t matter!  This race was so close to home and at our usual weekend stomping grounds, so the entire CIG (our self-titled running clan) was on hand to run, direct traffic, take pictures as you fell at the finish [not me!], wear annoyingly festive race outfits [totally me], and scream like banshees throughout the race [duh].

CIG (sans BMO)...we work out

Believe it or not, I actually drove myself to this race.  Zoom Zoom.  I got there with plenty of time to find the CIG crowd, shmooze it up with the Saucony rep, and take oodles of pictures with my twinny sister in our amazing Valentine’s Day slash Dirty Love ensembles.  (Thank God for the little girl’s department of Target!) 

Prepare to be chicked...by chics in pink tutus.

There was actually snow on the ground Sunday morning when my 224 dirty BFFs and I toed the imaginary starting line, headed across a field, hopped over a frozen creek, and slammed right into a 225 person traffic jam going up the first hill.  The CIG boys were long gone, and I stuck with my tutu twin for the first mile or so on the trails.  Even after we separated we kept each other company – screaming out LMFAO lyrics as we wound our way along the six-mile single track course and entertaining the cross country skiers we passed, who called us fairies as we each ran by.

Once I got through traffic I passed a lot of runners, picking them off one by one and rocketing by road runners on the hills in a pink blur.  I think I shocked a few dudes who didn’t take me seriously and should’ve been paying more attention to my dirty Sauconys than my pink glitter t-shirt and knee-high fashion socks.  I ran GarGar-free, breathed easy the whole race, and didn’t let anyone pass me.  A lot of the course was familiar (but backwards!), and I was disappointed to see that the snow had covered up most of the usual muddiness of our weekend course.  Mud makes me smile, but snow isn’t too bad either.

As I headed down towards the finish, I heard the CIG peeps yelling my name and sprinted towards them with a smile.  Too late I noticed a man with a fancy camera, so I politely asked for a redo and crossed the finish line again, this time with a big ol’ smile on my face and a spring in my step…literally.  Picture success.

Fabulously fake finishing photo

The CIG waited for our last three members to roll in, held a photo shoot, and headed inside to warm up by the fire, mingle, snuggle Molly the dog [me again], and give props to the Saucony rep…who just happened to win the race.  Beast.  As always we topped off CIG Sunday with a Starbucks run (where, btw, Doug refused to walk in the door with me because of my amazing outfit.  And lots of “Oh, I hate when someone has the same outfit on as me” jokes were told…repeatedly).

We are doing yoga...not ballet.

Why yes I am still looking badass in a tutu. That's how I roll.

My next two races are on the road – the Chili Classic 5K this weekend and the St. Malachi 5M on March 10, but the next race in the Dirty Trail Series is the Dirty Dash – a 10K on March 24 at the CVNP in Peninsula (why yes I did run a 50K there!  Thanks for asking!).  I haven’t registered…yet…

PROS: North Chagrin, race mug, stellar snacks, roaring fires, SNOW, CIG support

CONS: I really wanted a shirt that said Dirty Love.  Sad face.

STATS: Official time: 1:06:34; 11/67 in my division (women 0-39); 91/225 overall

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